We took a 10 hour train journey to Nha Trang, we chose to do this during the day instead of an overnight journey, which although was a little uncomfortable it saved us some pennies. Nha Trang is a beach resort town so we spent most of our time there relaxing on the beach and by the pool at our hotel. On one night we went out for a few drinks and found ourselves in a small bar and came across two people who turned out to live very close to where Arran grew up and were on a trip around Vietnam together as their wives didn’t want to come! They were really friendly and extremely generous as they paid for our bar tab when they left! We also went on a boat trip where we were taken to Mun and Mot Islands which are just off the coast of Nha Trang. We were able to jump off the boat and snorkel with the colourful fish before having a selection of Vietnamese food for lunch. 

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