We caught a taxi from Hoi An to Da Nang, checked into our hotel and found somewhere to get a Banh Mi for lunch. The main reason we had travelled to Da Nang was to visit Ba Na Hills so we spent the afternoon arranging our travel plans to get there the next day. In the evening we visited the night market where there were many stalls selling a variety of clothes, souvenirs and food. The food section was bigger than any of the markets we had visited so far in Vietnam and there were many seafood options where you can choose a variety of different seafood and have it barbequed. We chose to get a selection of spring rolls, crispy pancakes, prawns and eggs in batter. At the weekend the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang has a fire and water show which we were lucky enough to be able to see, and it also proved to be very popular with locals and tourists with lots of people gathered around to watch.


We were up early for our trip to Ba Na Hills, which is home to the longest non-stop cable car in the world, The Golden Bridge and an amusement park. It was very busy when we arrived and there were lots of tour groups, however we were told by our guide that before Covid it was even busier. We caught the cable car up the mountain and although the weather was nice in Da Nang, as we ascended the weather became very foggy. We had been warned about this and our tour guide told us that due to the time of year we were visiting it was likely to be the case. We stopped halfway up the mountain to visit the Golden Bridge which was very impressive, even in the foggy weather and explored the gardens surrounding it. We carried on up to the top where there is a mock French Village and amusement park which was quite surreal and a slightly odd combination! We spent the day playing some of the arcade games and exploring the different parts of the park, making the most of our time there despite the weather.

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