7 thoughts on “TRAVEL DIARY: AO NANG”

  1. We are really enjoying following your journey. Food looks yummy and scenery is spectacular. Looking forward to seeing more exciting places you are visiting. Have fun.

  2. Lovely descriptions of your idyllic picturesque time in paradise, Becky ! More, more. And why isn’t Arran doing any of the text !

  3. All that delicious food, fresh from the ‘kitchen’… My idea of heaven! Are you dipping your toes in the sea at all those idyllic beaches? How do you get on with the language? Xx

    1. We have definitely eaten very well here, all the food is delicious! The sea is amazing, we took full advantage and went swimming every day. So far we have learnt to say hello and thank you but luckily for us most people see we are tourists and talk to us in English!

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